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IROHA Kindergarten was founded with the aim to provide Japanese children with the highest quality Japanese/English bilingual education. While we focus on nurturing children’s Japanese identity, we also focus on helping them to achieve true bilingualism (speaking, reading, writing) so they can become future global citizens.

At IROHA Kindergarten, we understand each family has different plans - whether the family plans to return to Japan in the near future or to enrol their children into the Japanese primary school, an International primary school or a local primary school. Our curriculum was specially created to adapt to these choices and give full support so children can acquire Japanese and English skills to pursue the academic path of their choice.

Each class will have two teachers - one Japanese speaking teacher and one English speaking teacher, both of whom will be native speakers. This will expose children to both Japanese and English on a daily basis, which will greatly help children acquire both languages simultaneously. The common language at IROHA Kindergarten however will be English. Developing bilingualism is not simple. However, we believe it is achievable with the right framework. At IROHA Kindergarten, we are committed to offering this framework and support.

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