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IROHA Kindergarten Mission and Vision

We aim to develop children’s growth of “mind”, “body”, and “wisdom” in harmony.

These are our mission statements:
1. Nurture children within a healthy, happy, and culturally sensitive environment.

2. Impart an understanding of basic rules and manners in a social community.

3. Communicate in both Japanese/English. Practice in daily classes so children can be more comfortable entering a global community.

Japanese Education

We focus on building a firm foundation of Japanese as each child’s native language. We help each child master basic words, idioms and expressions; we give them confidence to articulate about the world around them. Later, this forms the foundation for more advanced communication and critical thinking. We employ a variety of different approaches including learning Hiragana, numbers, music and traditional Japanese folklore songs and plays - all conducted by our native Japanese speaking teachers. We teach and share the experiences of the season, culture and customs of Japan so children may understand and appreciate the differences between living in the two countries.

English Education

Incorporating the Nurturing Early Learners' framework from ECDA (Early Childhood Development Agency), we offer an immersive, holistic curriculum that supports bilingual Japanese and English learning. We conduct the following classes in English: Letterland phonics, Thematic learning, Creative Expression and Physical Education (PE).

Thematic Learning

Children will learn different themes each term both in English and Japanese. The themes vary from topics that are familiar to their daily life such as family, friends and animals to the world, the universe or environment. The purpose of this theme-based learning is not just to give them the opportunity to learn each theme in a comprehensive manner, but also allow them to raise such questions as “What is this?” “What do I think about this?” or “What to do about this”, all of which helps develop their own personal opinions.